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» What is cavitation?

Cavitation is the creation of low-pressure vapour/gas filled cavities in a fluid.

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PDC drill-bit vibrator | Print |

At the moment we also lead studies for a new PDC drill-bit vibrator. These PDC drill-bit vibrators improve the drilling time and wear of common drill bits.

The bit vibrator generates a high frequent vibrating impact, combined with a steady drill string torque. This results in an increase of horsepower directly at the bit. This drastically reduces stick-slip and significantly improves rate of penetrations and bit life.

The use of the PDC drill-bit vibrators could be very cost effective for the drilling operation.

Regeneration of Water wells | Print |

At the moment we are preparing an installation for the regeneration of Water wells. The new cavitation tool improves the regeneration of water wells, and cleans Water wells as never before. The first company with exclusive rights for using the new cavitation tool in wells, is named WWSnl (Water-Well-Services Nederland).

New tool – with live-stream testing | Print |
We like to introduce you the new XS cavitation tool.
This tool is designed for the regeneration of water-wells with a minimum diameter (ID) of 148mm, and it’s even suitable for some process studies.
At the moment we are preparing the test-site by the TU-Delft,
for the latest test results and improvements of this tool.
You can follow the test hours at our live-stream webcam on this website.
New office - Hoogeveen | Print |

Whirlwindi took place in their new office, in the first week of February.
We are located in a part of the White-house in Hoogeveen.

Office Hoogeveen

You can contact us at our new address:


Toldijk 17-19

7901 TA, Hoogeveen

PO box: 612

7900 AP, Hoogeveen

the Netherlands 

Phone number: +31 528 227712

Fax number: +31 528 227715

www.whirlwindi.nl - Vibrant Energy
New website | Print |
Welcome to our new website, we just launched our revamped site with informations about the sectors we are active in. Also you will find information about us. Enjoy!

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